Choosing the Right Loading Dock Plate: Solutions to Common Concerns

In the quest to enhance the efficiency of storage and transportation, loading docks often employ multiple loading dock plate. However, selecting the right dock leveler can be a perplexing task for customers. This article delves into these potential concerns and offers practical solutions to ensure customer satisfaction when choosing the appropriate dock leveler.

Loading Dock Plate

Concerns When Choosing a Loading Dock Plate

Pit Requirements and Dimensions

Customers frequently express concerns about whether they need to prepare pits for fixed dock levelers and how to determine the pit’s size.

Up and Down Adjustment Range

Customers often worry if the up and down adjustment range of the dock leveler is sufficient to accommodate loading and unloading trucks of various sizes.

Loading Capacity

Particularly for handling heavy goods such as paper products, customers are often anxious about ensuring the dock leveler’s loading capacity.

Food Cold Chain Needs

In the context of food cold chain warehouses, customers may fret over how to equip the dock leveler with features such as dust prevention, insulation, and air conditioning to prevent leakage.

Solutions to Common Concerns

Pit Location Requirements and Dimensions

To address concerns regarding pit location, our manufacturer provides detailed pit location drawings for the loading and unloading platform. Professional construction units oversee pit construction, ensuring compliance with standard requirements for the installation and use of the dock leveler.

Up and Down Adjustment Range

Our standard dock leveler specifications, including sizes like WLH=2000*2000*600mm and WLH=2000*2500*600mm. Boast an up and down adjustment range of up to ±30cm. If customers require a broader lifting range, the length of the dock leveler can be extended to meet the demands of various loading and unloading trucks.

Carrying Capacity

Our dock leveler is meticulously designed to support a weight range of 6-10 tons. To enhance load-bearing capacity, customers can opt to increase the thickness of the main board, roof board, and flat plate. While simultaneously reinforcing the dock leveler’s structural integrity. This ensures the leveler aligns with customers’ expectations for load-bearing capacity.

Food Cold Chain Needs

In the realm of food cold chain warehouses, we offer specialized dock levelers that adhere to stringent standards for dustproofing, thermal insulation, and prevention of cold air leakage. This empowers customers to confidently employ our dock levelers to meet their food cold chain requirements.

Loading Dock Plate

In summary, any concerns customers harbor when selecting loading dock plate can be effortlessly resolved by collaborating with our manufacturers and adhering to standardized specifications. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering top-tier dock levelers that cater to the diverse needs of our clientele. Utimately enhancing the efficiency and dependability of warehousing and transportation processes.  Auchan Investment Co., Ltd. chose SEPPES as their industrial door supplier.


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