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Sectional Door

We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality sectional doors that meet all your needs.

Sectional door, also known as ”Industrial sectional door”, suitable for exterior and interior doors of a variety of buildings. The 40mm thick high-density polyurethane foam door panel has both thermal insulation and impact resistance. It forms a complete operating system through button spring tension balance, pulley rail sliding, and frequency conversion intelligent control system electric control. Automatic sectional door is characterised by anti-pinch, sturdy and durable, thermal and sound insulation, strong industrial aesthetic (patented technology). More than 6 lifting operating modes can be customized according to the installation environment. Imported brand control system, frequency conversion intelligent control door opening and closing, slow start and slow stop, more durable.

Details Of Sectional Roller Door Structure

sectional overhead door

Industrial Sectional Door

More Custom Styles For Overhead Sectional Door

Other Optional Equipment of Reinforced Components: More Durable and Safer

commercial sectional doors

The special design of the windows (dimensions 600×300mm) provides communication between indoor and outdoor, thus increasing the indoor lighting. The windows are made of high-strength acrylic panels.

sectional door
Torsion Spring

The torsion spring can be equipped with Dacromet coating process, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Which is made of high-quality spring steel, service life up to 30,000 cycles. Customized up to 50000/100,000 times.

sectional door
Paint Material

It is recommended that the door be equipped with a baking varnish material (standard configuration is galvanized material) when operating in high humidity conditions to ensure reliable anti-corrosion protection and stable operation of the door.

sectional door
Small Door

The door-in-door is equipped with an interlocking device between the small door and the large door. When the small door is not completely closed, the large door cannot be opened to ensure safe use.

Four Advantages Of SEPPES Sectional Overhead Door

Aesthetic Excellence

Our industrial sectional doors are crafted with premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver both durability and visual appeal. Benefits include:

  • High-Quality Materials: Ensuring long-term use without compromising on appearance.
  • Dacromet Surface Treatment: Provides exceptional corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and ease of cleaning.
  • Elegant Design: Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your industrial facility, creating a professional and polished look.

Thermal Insulation

Commercial sectional doors are engineered to maintain optimal indoor temperatures and provide excellent insulation:

  • Double-Layer Color Steel Plates: Filled with polyurethane foam for superior heat retention.
  • EPDM Rubber Strips and U-Shape Bottom: Effectively seal the door, preventing external temperature fluctuations from affecting the interior environment.
  • Energy Efficiency: Helps in reducing energy costs by maintaining a stable indoor climate, essential for comfortable working conditions.

Low Noise Operation

Designed for seamless and quiet operation, our steel sectional door feature:

  • Electric Lifting Mechanism: Equipped with an imported electric control system for effortless operation.
  • Knob Spring Tension Balance: Ensures smooth and stable door movement.
  • Pulley Slide System: Reduces friction and noise during operation.
  • Frequency Conversion Intelligent Control System: Maintains a consistent, low-noise environment, ideal for noise-sensitive applications.

Safety and Anti-Theft Features

Our sectional doors are well equipped with safety devices and a robust and durable construction. Key safety features include:

  • Airbags and Infrared Sensors: These devices detect obstacles and instantly trigger the door to stop or reverse, preventing accidents and damage.
  • Anti-Prying and Anti-Trap Devices
  • Fall Prevention System: This system prevents the door from falling unexpectedly, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Torsion Spring Anti-Breakage Device: This feature ensures the door’s longevity and consistent performance, even under heavy use.
sectional overhead door
Door panel system
40/43/50/60/75/80/43+60/51+120 (Big Back Rib) Multi-series door panel, filled with polyurethane foam, impact resistance ≥ 45kg/m, anti-pinch, strong and durable, thermal insulation and sound insulation, strong industrial aesthetics. (patented technology)
sectional overhead door
Balance system
The torsion spring is made of high-quality spring steel, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment to achieve 30,000 cycles and can be customized up to 50000/100,000 times.The sliding rails and hinges of the pulleys are important components of the balancing system.
Control system
Optional torsion spring anti-break protection device, when the torsion spring breaks unexpectedly, quickly respond to the lock and force the falling door body to stop within 20 cm; the door body anti-fall protection device prevents the cable from breaking accidentally and the door body falls; Anti-pinch bottom anti-pinch device. (patented technology)
sectional overhead door
Sealing system
The top and two sides of the guide rail are equipped with EPDM sealing tape and ¤ type bottom seal, which is fully sealed after closing the door. The door panel interface is equipped with a sealed rubber to block cold and heat transfer and reduce energy loss.
sectional overhead door
Fall arrest system
German brand control system, frequency conversion intelligent control switch door slow start and slow stop, more stable and durable. Multiple expansion ports are reserved to meet various customized needs such as interlocking linkage, automatic opening and remote control communication.
Door within door
Rich enhancement system, optional window, small door, innovative door without threshold, lifting method, wind resistance component, remote door opening, remote control, door panel custom color, infrared security protection, and multiple induction door opening devices.
(patented technology)

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Various Lifting Methods

Standard lifting; Improve lifting; Vertical lifting; Low lifting

Sectional Door Color

Can be customized according to the color number of Raul color card

Open times per day

About 29 times, do not open and close frequently

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Multiple Opening Methods of Commercial Sectional Doors

sectional door

Standard Lifting

Applicable to door top space: within 200-300mm.

Improve Lifting

Suitable for door top space ≥ door opening height.

sectional door

Vertical Lifting

It is suitable for the slope shape of the door top ceiling, and the track is parallel to the ceiling

commercial sectional door

Low Lifting

Suitable for commercial sectional doors top space ≥ 500mm

Installation Instructions

All measurements are made indoors and each value must be measured at at least three point:                                                                                                H – the height of the door opening (the distance from the ground to the top of the door opening)                                                                                          B – the width of the door opening (the distance from the left edge of the door opening to the right edge)                                                                        h – at least 500 mm above the door opening (the distance from the top of the door opening to the ceiling)                                                                        b1/b2 – requires a lateral distance of at least 150 mm left and right (distance from the corresponding edge of the door opening to the obstacle)                 L is the depth of the room

When measuring H and B, take the maximum value as the final size
When measuring h, b1, b2 and L, take the smallest value as the final size

Provision of Professional Technical Services

sectional overhead door

Determine the needs

After understanding the product, size, quantity, trade mode, use of these basic needs, the business promptly provide quotations and drawings to the customer to confirm.

sectional overhead door

Provide technical services

SEPPES professional technical team will be based on the product information provided by the customer, customised technical solutions and drawings.

sectional overhead door

Factory production

After the customer agrees with the plan, the salesman will make PI, confirm the payment and notify the factory for production.

Welcome To SEPPES Professional Factory Manufacturing

Rapid Transportation Process​

Approximate time from order to production is 18 working days

We Have Authentic And Authoritative Certificates

All Loading Dock Products Have More Than 20 International Certificates

CE certification
loading dock leveler

Fully Satisfied And Happy Customers

These two customers are from Columbia and the purpose of their visit was to purchase SEPPES spiral doors. It was raining heavily on the day they came, our sales staff Nova and Loy went to meet them and led them to visit our factory, explaining to them in detail the parameters of the doors and the use of scenarios. Our leader Mia Yang also had a cordial communication with the two customers. They did not confirm the order at the first time, but after a period of time, the other party took the initiative to contact us to confirm the order. The transaction process was very smooth.
Clients From Colombia
Operations Lead
SEPPES sectional overhead doors are professionally designed to meet our needs well. Both sealing performance and durability have been excellent. In actual use, we found it very convenient to operate, which greatly improved the working efficiency. SEPPES' customer service is also impressive. From product enquiry to after-sales service, they have given timely and professional support in every aspect. Zhang has been very patient in identifying the parts that need to be customised. No matter what problems we encountered, they were always able to respond quickly and provide effective solutions, which made us feel very relieved.
sectional overhead door
Clients From Russia
Logistics Manager
The co-operating customer is a local logistics company from Australia, who came to Suzhou, China to visit SEPPES Door Co. After introducing the loading dock leveler, he was very sure about our professionalism. After comparing a number of brands, he finally chose SEPPES brand. Our sales staff gave a quotation that met their expectations, and the contract was soon confirmed by both parties. In the first cooperation, the customer trusted us very much, and used 100% prepayment, the two sides had a very pleasant cooperation, and the customer also said that they would cooperate with us again in the future.
sectional overhead door
Clients From Australia
Warehouse Supervisor
The client is the head of a food cold chain logistics company from the Philippines. Due to the expansion of the logistics loading area, a large number of sectional doors, door seals and dock leveler were required. So they found our brand and our sales person Jee was responsible for docking. It is understood that the customer also looked for many other loading dock product counterparts, and there are many prices lower than ours. But he thought that the quality of our products is very good, and after-sales service is also very reliable. He finally chose the SEPPES brand and he expressed his full affirmation of our products.
sectional overhead door
Clients From Pakistan
Operations Manager

Commercial Sectional Doors Project Cases

sectional door

America—Material manufacturing company

Through the cooperation with Eagle Materials, SEPPES has achieved great results and benefits. Firstly, we succeeded in delivering high quality, high performance dock leveler that perfectly met the needs of Eagle Materials. This makes their logistics operations more efficient and reliable, thereby improving production efficiency and on-time delivery rates. Second, our solution helped Eagle Materials reduce labor costs.

sectional overhead door

Bangladesh - Clothing design company

By using our Lifting Doors, Bangladesh Sifang Fashion Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results. Their production efficiency has been greatly improved, and the cargo loading and unloading process has become smoother and safer. Not only has this improved their operational efficiency, it has also helped them reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction and help them achieve their business goals.

sectional door

Japan - Automobile Manufacturing Company

In order to meet the needs of Toyota Motor Corporation, SEPPES provided a customized liftgate solution. Our team works closely with Toyota Motor Corporation to gain an in-depth understanding of its specific requirements and standards. Through communication and cooperation with customers, we have succeeded in designing and manufacturing liftgates in line with Toyota Motor Corporation's brand values.

Our Amazing Clients

SEPPES has cooperation customers with more than 60 Fortune 500 companies such as Pepsi, Logitech, Huawei, and Procter & Gamble.

Industrial Sectional Doors

sectional door
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Why Choose SEPPES Sectional Door

We have the most professional manufacturing loading dock equipment and talents in the field of industrial equipments. Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:

17500㎡factory area

Our factory covers an area of 17,500 square meters, which can meet the needs of large orders, fast production and delivery.

Safety protection

Standard safety solenoid valve to prevent falling. You can also choose a limiter to prevent the car from rolling.

Professional staff

SEPPES employees are all professionally trained, and they all have more than ten years of production experience.

Intelligent control

The intelligent loading and unloading platform control system can realize man-machine dialogue operation and maintenance.

Packing area

Products will be tightly packed and put into wooden boxes. to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.

Safe shipping

After the door is packaged, our own special vehicle will be responsible for safely transporting the product to the port for shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

The product has beautiful appearance, ruggedness, stable switching, low noise,
sealed insulation, safety and reliability, and the characteristics of saving plant space. It is widely used for its high practicality and high-end appearance.

Please give the exactly size and quantity of your required door. We can give you a detail quotation based on your requirements. If there are drawings to show your factory site plan will be best. 

Product design drawings, English installation video to ensure that the product purchased by the customer can be installed

Our company’s dock leveler has passed CE certification and SGS certification, and we will carefully check the products before leaving the factory to protect the rights and interests of customers.

Loading port:Shanghai or according to your requirements.General around 15-20 days after sample confirmed.


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