Dock Leveler


Dock Leveler

It brings convenience to your factory and improves the efficiency of loading and unloading



The dock leveler works together through the control system, electro-hydraulic unit, adjustment plate and tongue plate to effectively adjust the height difference between the bottom of different transport vehicles and the platform, forming a transition plate between the vehicle and the platform to improve loading and unloading efficiency.

Load Bearing

Customizable loading and unloading platforms with a load of 6-10 tons

Intelligent Control

The intelligent loading and unloading platform control system can realize man-machine dialogue operation and maintenance.

Safety Protection

Standard safety solenoid valve to prevent falling. You can also choose a limiter to prevent the car from rolling.

Simple Operation

As long as the button is pressed, the loading and unloading platform will automatically rise,

Custom style

Customers can easily determine the color and size of the dock leveler that needs to be customized

Black pattern panel
Blue pattern panel
RAL9005 black
RAL5005 blue

Standard size



Customers can customize the size according to their actual needs.

Basic structure

Here is a video about dock leveler

Want to see how our dock levelers work? Click on the video below to watch more details.

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17500㎡factory area

Our factory covers an area of 17,500 square meters, which can meet the needs of large orders, fast production and delivery.

Packing area

Products will be tightly packed and put into wooden boxes. to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.


SEPPES employees are all professionally trained, and they all have more than ten years of production experience.

Automated equipment

We use fully automatic equipment for material transportation and processing, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions may answer some of your doubts. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

What information do customers need to provide?

1.SIZE(Length,Width and Height)

2.Cargo load(6ton,8ton,10ton,12ton)

3.Installation condition(checking above installation picture)

What can i do for customer ?

Product design drawings, English installation video to ensure that the product purchased by the customer can be installed

What is the quality of your company's products?

Our company’s dock leveler has passed CE certification and SGS certification, and we will carefully check the products before leaving the factory to protect the rights and interests of customers.    

What's the MOQ?

We accept 1 set as trail order with reasonable price,you can test with our door and check our quality.

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