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Mechanical Dock Shelter

Mechanical dock shelter

We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality dock shelters that meet all your needs.

The mechanical door shelter curtain board is made of double-layer polyester fiber elastic strength fabric, and the surface is PVC coated.
The side wings are equipped with reflective yellow guide strips. The frame is connected by hinges to resist extrusion. It is composed of frame,
rear frame and connecting arm. The overall frame is treated with corrosion-resistant galvanized, and the surface is fixed and decorated with
anodized aluminum alloy profiles, which is beautiful and generous.

Advantages Of SEPPES Mechanical Dock Shelter!

Closed Environment

Installing mechanical dock shelter can form a closed loading and unloading environment.

Low Bearing Strength

The mechanical dock shelter is lighter in weight, so it has lower requirements on the load-bearing strength of the wall.

Wide Range

The mechanical dock shelter is suitable for a variety of car models and has a wider range of applications.

Nice Appearance

The surface is fixed and decorated with anodized aluminum alloy profiles.

Details Display of Our Mechanical Dock Shelter

Aluminum alloy profile reinforcement

Aluminum alloy reinforced door curtain, more secure to use

Reflective warning tape

Yellow reflective warning tape, safe and reliable

PVC cord

Soft and tough, unhindered when reversing

Curtain opening design

Curtain opening design, not easy to damage the curtain

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Tensile Strength


unit weight


Operating Temperature

-35°C to +90°C

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Mechanical Dock Shelter Structure

Mechanical Dock Shelter Structure​

Installation conditions

Regarding the mechanical dock shelter, after measuring the size of the door opening, we can design and provide you with professional 3D and CAD drawings according to the installation situation, so as to provide you with a satisfactory installation solution.

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We Have Authentic And Authoritative Certificates

All Loading Dock Products Have More Than 20 International Certificates

CE certification
loading dock leveler

Our Mechanical Dock Shelter Project Cases

dock seals

Poland - car manufacturing company

The professional team of SEPPES cooperated with Poznan companies and provided them with customized mechanical dock shelter solutions. Our mechanical dock shelter combine advanced technology and reliable design to ensure the safety and protection of goods during transportation. These mechanical dock shelter can not only effectively prevent illegal intrusion and loss of goods, but also improve the efficiency of loading and unloading.


Thailand—Food Production Enterprise

As a professional supplier of logistics loading and unloading system equipment, SEPPES provides customized mechanical door seal solutions according to the needs of Thai Tecano Food and Sales Public Co., Ltd. Our teams work closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their business processes and the characteristics of their loading and unloading areas. We designed and delivered an innovative mechanical door seal system.

Malaysia—Petrochemical Enterprise

SEPPES provided a customized mechanical door seal solution to meet the needs of BASF National Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. We worked closely with the company to customize the appearance and function of the door seal according to their requirements. We have fully considered their brand image and integrated it into the product design, ensuring that the door seal is consistent with the overall style and identity of its production base.

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Why Choose SEPPES Mechanical Dock Shelter

We have the most professional manufacturing equipment and talents in the field of industrial equipments. Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:

17500㎡factory area

Our factory covers an area of 17,500 square meters, which can meet the needs of large orders, fast production and delivery.

Best seal

The Dock shelter is dustproof, rainproof, corrosion-resistant, strong in impact resistance, and durable.

Professional staff

SEPPES employees are all professionally trained, and they all have more than ten years of production experience.

Intelligent control

The intelligent loading and unloading platform control system can realize man-machine dialogue operation and maintenance.

Packing area

Products will be tightly packed and put into wooden boxes. to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.

Safe shipping

After the door is packaged, our own special vehicle will be responsible for safely transporting the product to the port for shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mechanical dock shelter has good sealing performance, dustproof, rainproof, corrosion-proof, strong impact resistance, durable and beautiful.

Door opening size, max/min car size, platform height. Our technicians give you the exact size.

Product design drawings, English installation video to ensure that the product purchased by the customer can be installed

Our company’s dock leveler has passed CE certification and SGS certification, and we will carefully check the products before leaving the factory to protect the rights and interests of customers.

We accept 1 set as trail order with reasonable price,you can test with our door and check our quality.


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