Commercial Insulated Sectional Doors: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Steel Structure Factory

Steel structure factory buildings require reliable doors for safety, efficiency, and energy conservation. Commercial insulated sectional doors have emerged as a popular choice due to their numerous benefits. Learn why these doors are favored by steel plants and explore real-world examples in this article.

Commercial insulated sectional doors

Advantages of Steel Structure Factory Sectional Overhead Doors

 Enhanced Safety

Sectional overhead door features a robust construction with double-sided color steel plates and polyurethane foam insulation, providing durability and impact resistance. Equipped with safety devices like airbags and anti-breakage mechanisms, these doors ensure swift response in emergencies, safeguarding personnel and equipment.

Convenient Operation

Powered by electric drive systems, sectional overhead garage door offers remote-controlled smooth operation. With the option for a smaller access door within the main door, daily personnel enjoy effortless entry and exit, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.

Superior Sealing

Designed with tight seals, including EPDM sealing tape and U-shaped bottom edge sealing, insulated sectional doors effectively block out noise, dust, and harsh weather elements when closed. This sealing is vital for maintaining a clean and quiet interior environment within the factory.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness

With up to 40mm of polyurethane insulation foam, commercial sectional overhead doors minimize heat transfer and energy consumption. Their excellent sealing capabilities reduce air convection, further lowering energy usage and promoting environmental sustainability.

insulated sectional doors

Practical Application Case

A steel factory in the Philippines sought to enhance productivity and create a better working environment. By installing industrial sectional doors at the delivery gate, the factory achieved remarkable results. These doors provided robust safety features, smooth operation, and superior sealing, contributing to a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly workspace.

Commercial insulated sectional doors offer a comprehensive solution for safety, convenience, and energy efficiency in steel structure factory buildings. Through their advanced features and practical benefits, these doors optimize operations and promote a conducive working environment for employees. SEPPES has worked with more than 3,800 companies and factories, and one in seven of the Fortune 500 companies has chosen SEPPES, such as Dow Corning and Foton Laval.


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