Fire Station Sectional Door: One-touch Linkage For Rapid Rescue

In today’s society, safety is always of paramount importance. In the face of natural or man-made fire emergencies, the implementation of rapid and effective rescue measures is the key to ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property. To enhance the rescue efficiency of fire stations, more and more fire stations choose transparent sectional door. Fire station sectional door can be activated in seconds with its one-touch opening function, strongly supporting the rapid mobilization of firefighters to carry out rescue operations.

fire station sectional door

What Advantages does Transparent Sectional Door Bring to Fire Station?

Aesthetics and practicality at the same time

Fire station sectional door made of transparent acrylic board is not only beautiful and atmospheric. But also electric sectional garage doors can clearly observe the indoor and outdoor situation. This not only enhances the image of the fire station, but more importantly, it brings real rescue efficiency.

Intelligent linkage opening

The transparent sectional overhead door is linked with the fire fighting system through intelligent design. Once the fire alarm signal is received, the door will immediately open automatically, allowing firefighting vehicles to be mobilized quickly. Equipped with a centralized control system, it can realize one-key linkage opening of multiple doors. Which greatly shortens the rescue response time and effectively reduces casualties and property damage.

Convenient and efficient centralized control system

The application of remote integrated control system makes the operation of commercial sectional door in fire station garage more convenient and efficient. The one-button full-open function in the duty room enables firefighters to mobilize quickly in an emergency without having to manually operate the garage door. Not only panel lift garage doors improve the rescue efficiency. But also protects the safety of the personnel. And at the same time enhances the image and reputation of the fire station. With the continuous development of science and technology. Sectional overhead garage door will be applied in more fire stations to provide more protection for our life safety.

Multi-functional design to meet the needs

In addition to meeting the needs of firefighting emergencies, industrial sectional doors of the fire station garage also have the functions of transparent lighting and exhibition. During the day, sunlight pours into the garage through the transparent sectional door. Sectional door can provide a good lighting environment for fire fighting vehicles and equipment. At night, the transparency of the door allows the internal light of the garage to be transmitted outward. It enhances the nighttime recognition of the fire station. In addition, this design also facilitates the public and tourists to visit the fire station to learn about fire fighting and enhance the awareness of fire safety.

fire station sectional door

The successful application of transparent sectional door not only enhances the image and strength of the fire station. But also provides useful reference for the construction of fire stations in other cities. In the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the in-depth development of fire fighting work. We believe that there will be more innovative fire fighting equipment and technology to emerge, to protect the safety of the city. In addition to fire stations, SEPPES has worked with more than 70 of the world’s top 500 companies, including IKEA, Geely and Logitech.


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