Sectional Overhead Door: Why it’s The Preferred Alternative to Roller Shutter Doors?

As technology continues to advance, sectional overhead doors are becoming more widely used in commercial and industrial applications. Sectional overhead door has a number of advantages over traditional roller shutter doors, making them the preferred choice for many businesses and factories. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of Sectional door and why it’s the preferred alternative to rolling doors.

sectional overhead door

Advantages of Sectional Overhead Door In The Plant


Industrial sectional door plate using high-quality double-layer steel plate, wind resistance up to 10, and enough to effectively resist the impact of the outside world and damage. What’s more, the solid structure and high quality materials make the lifting door have excellent safety performance. Compared with the rolling door, the Sectional roller door is more difficult to be damaged or pried open. Thus effectively protecting the safety of the interior of the building.


Overhead sectional doors are usually made of materials such as steel or aluminum alloy, which provide excellent durability. Their solid structure can withstand long-term use and harsh environments, resulting in a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.


Commercial sectional door opens and closes quickly and is easy to operate. This efficiency makes it especially popular in logistics, manufacturing and other places that require frequent access, and can improve work efficiency.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Commercial Sectional overhead door is usually equipped with heat-insulating materials with good sealing performance. Which can block the exchange of indoor and outdoor temperature and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the track adopts EPDM rubber sealing strip to ensure a close fit between the door body and the door frame. Effectively preventing the intrusion of external dust and noise. In addition, the automatic control system of the sectional steel door can effectively reduce energy waste. And it can meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

Diversified design

The design style of the Sectional door is rich and diverse, and can be customized according to the needs of customers. Not only can you choose different materials and colors, but also customize the size and shape. According to the size of the space and the use of the environment to meet a variety of specific needs.

sectional overhead door

Why Choose Industrial Sectional Doors instead of a Rolling Door?

Sectional doors are more secure:

Rolling doors are easy to pry open or damage, and become an easy target for intruders. The sturdy structure and security features of a Sectional door can effectively prevent such incidents from occurring, safeguarding the building and its internal property.

Lower maintenance costs:

Due to the high durability and stability of insulated sectional doors, their maintenance costs are relatively low. Compared to frequent replacement and repair of rolling doors. Sectional doors can save businesses and factories a great deal of money in maintenance costs.

Easier to operate:

The opening and closing speed of the Sectional door is fast and easy to operate, which can save a lot of time and labor costs. In the logistics and manufacturing industry and other places that require fast passage, the Sectional door can effectively improve work efficiency.

More beautiful appearance:

Industrial sectional doors have diverse design styles and can be customized according to the appearance and environment of the building, making them more aesthetically pleasing. In contrast, the appearance of the roller shutter door is more single, unable to meet the personalized needs.

Better energy saving:

Compared to the rolling door, the platform ordinary rolling door is not necessarily equipped with brush sealing. Which often leads to large temperature fluctuations inside the plant and serious noise pollution, affecting the efficiency of employees. The sectional roller door adopts heat insulation materials and intelligent control system, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. In the current era of focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development. Sectional insulated door is more in line with the sustainable development strategy of enterprises and factories.

sectional overhead door

In summary, overhead sectional door, as a kind of modernization, high security, durability and convenient operation, is gradually replacing the traditional rolling door as the first choice of enterprises and factories. Its superior performance and many advantages make it widely used in various fields. And it is expected to continue to grow and develop in the future. Cooperate with Nippon Paint.

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