The solution to the slow speed of industrial sectional door

Industrial sectional door, as a category with many advantages and functions, shines in anti-theft, sound insulation, moisture-proof, dust-proof, wind resistance, heat preservation and sealing. However, in actual use, some customers find that the opening and closing speed of the industrial sectional door is unsatisfactory. And even takes more than one minute, which brings inconvenience to daily use. What’s going on here? We’ll take a closer look and reveal the solution!

Generally speaking, the standard size of an industrial sectional door is mostly about 4 meters in width and height. And its opening and closing time usually does not exceed one minute. If the opening and closing time of the door body is too long. It means that there is a problem with the speed of the sectional door, and it is necessary to find out the reason in time.

Industrial sectional door

Analysis of common causes of industrial sectional door

The speed adjustment of the sectional door motor controller is slow: In this case, the speed of the controller needs to be adjusted to ensure that it operates within the normal range.

The motor belt is too loose: check the tightness of the motor belt, and adjust the tightness of the belt properly.

Abnormal voltage: If the voltage is unstable, it will affect the operating speed of the sectional door. It is recommended to try again after the voltage is stable.

Friction between the door body and the track: Find the parts that may cause friction and eliminate the cause of the friction to ensure the smooth operation of the door body.

Industrial sectional door

Solution: Choose a high-quality manufacturer

Industrial sectional doors are widely used in large factory exterior doors, logistics garages, warehouse workshops and other places. In order to ensure product quality and quality, it is very important to choose a professional and reputable manufacturer.

The industrial sectional door is not only the gatekeeper of modern industry, but also the breakthrough of time and space. By choosing a manufacturer reasonably, we will definitely make the industrial sectional door go further and more stably on the road in the future! Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has installed this door.

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