Choosing the Right Factory Door: Steel Sectional Overhead Doors vs. Stacking Speed Shutter Door

In the pursuit of heightened productivity, many enterprises are revamping their facilities with advanced equipment. An essential component of this upgrade is the selection of efficient entry and exit systems. Among the highly acclaimed options are steel sectional overhead doors and stacking speed shutter door. This article delves into the features, drawbacks, and ideal applications of both, providing a comprehensive solution for industrial plants.

steel sectional overhead door

Steel Sectional Overhead Doors: Security and Insulation Excellence

Features and Advantages

  • Saveing Space. The steel sectional door adopts rising and falling motion, which can be opened and closed in the vertical direction without occupying the doorway space.
  • Safety Protection. It has high safety, the door body has better sealing and is not easy to be forced into.
  • Sealed Isolation. Suitable for places with high requirements for airtightness, such as food processing plants, chemical plants, etc.


  • Higher installation and maintenance costs, requiring more power support.
stacking speed shutter door

Stacking Speed Shutter Door: Efficiency and Flexibility

Features and Advantages

  • High Safety: The door is equipped with safety sensors that can detect obstacles or people in the doorway to avoid pinching or other accidents.
  • Energy Saving: The door has a good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the leakage of dust. In addition, it reduces the loss of room temperature and helps to maintain the right temperature in the room, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Durable and Reliable: The doors are usually manufactured with high-strength PVC and wind-resistant rods for durability and wind resistance. Its wind resistance is much higher than that of ordinary speed doors.


It may not be safe enough for places with high security requirements because of the large gap between the door panels, which makes it easy for people to force their way in.

Due to the stacked design, a certain ceiling height is required as installation space.

Applicable Scenarios

Places with high safety and containment requirements, such as chemical plants, food processing plants, etc.

steel sectional overhead doors

Choosing the Right Fit: Steel Sectional Overhead Doors vs Stacking Speed Shutter Door

Comparison of Opening Speed

As a factory door, the opening speed of these two doors differs greatly, commercial sectional doors are slow to open because of its self-importance. And can not be opened frequently, daily opening times to control the number of times in the 15 ~ 20 times, if there are people need to frequently enter and exit the need to open the small door. Stacking high speed door curtain made of high strength PVC material, lightweight and durable, fast opening speed, and can be opened frequently to meet the needs of frequent entry and exit. For the need for frequent transportation of goods places, more suitable for stacking fast door.

Comparison of Insulation Effect

Sectional overhead door is filled with polyurethane insulation material with a thickness of 40 mm, which has a better heat preservation effect. High speed stacking door due to the curtain is PVC material, the thermal insulation effect is poorer. For the northern region, or higher temperature requirements of the plant is more suitable for the former. Pharmaceutical, food, cold chain and other industries are very sensitive to temperature, more suitable for sectional steel sectional door.

Comparison of Sealing and Anti-theft Abilities

Steel sectional door track is equipped with EPDM rubber sealing strip on both sides, has a good sealing effect, control constant temperature and humidity inside the plant, energy saving for the enterprise, and the door plate is a high-quality steel plate, not only can resist the theft of invasion, but also resistant to wind of about ten levels. High speed roller door track using brush sealing, dust and insects, suitable for most of the plant environment, built-in multiple wind rod, can resist ten winds, but the anti-theft ability is not as good as steel sectional door.

Comparison of Intelligent Access Control

Such as man-vehicle diversion radar, magnetic induction, Bluetooth, face recognition and other opening methods, due to steel sectional door daily open less often, only need to be opened by remote control, for the intelligent opening method does not occupy an advantage; and stacking door using soft curtain, can be opened frequently, with intelligent control system, can fully demonstrate its advantages, optimize the management of access.

In conclusion, both steel sectional overhead doors and stacking high speed doors offer unique advantages tailored to specific industrial needs. By understanding the requirements of your facility, you can make an informed decision or consult with manufacturers for tailored solutions. For example, Horman, Crawford, SEPPES well-known industrial door brands. Elevate your factory security and efficiency with the right choice of entry system.


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