Customized dock leveler to optimize logistics processes

In the field of modern logistics and warehousing, dock leveler is playing an important role. Its main task is to fill the gap between the cargo platform and the compartment, so that the forklift is handy when loading and unloading goods. Moreover, the carrying capacity of this platform is quite flexible, and can be custom-made from a minimum of 6 tons to about 10 tons.

dock leveler

Custom Design and Installation

Dock levelers are usually fixed in the foundation pit. So careful planning in cooperation with the supplier is required prior to purchase and installation. This is because the foundation pit needs to be reserved in advance. As a professional manufacturer, SEPPES will recommend the appropriate size and load capacity according to the customer’s needs and foundation pit drawings. At the same time, customers need to provide the following on-site size information:

  1. Platform height
  2. The height of the large and small compartments and the width of the compartments
  3. Daily transport of goods and the maximum load weight of forklifts

Accurate calculation and customized drawings

SEPPES will calculate the most suitable loading and unloading platform size based on the information provided by the customer, and provide corresponding drawings and realistic 3D renderings. Common platform sizes include: W2000*L2000*H600mm, W2000*L2500*H600mm, etc.

Key points of foundation pit planning

The stability and functionality of the Dock leveler is largely dependent on the quality of the foundation pit. The following are the key points that need to be paid attention to when reserving the foundation pit of the platform:

  1. Pre-buried 75*75 (thickness greater than 5mm) angle irons around the foundation pit, and welded steel bars on the angle irons. Make sure the angle irons are level and of the same width front to back. After completion, you can check whether the diagonals are consistent by yourself.
  2. After the dock leveler foundation pit is completed, from the outside, the angle iron should be flush with the outer wall and firmly fixed on the platform. After the platform is installed, its load-bearing will be supported by the embedded angle iron.
  3. Garbage cleaning should be carried out inside, and it is best to carry out anti-rust treatment on the angle iron. Double check the width and height of each side for errors. Measure the diagonal dimension at the same time to verify whether the dock leveler is tilted.
dock leveler

Personalized customization to improve efficiency

The specifications, dimensions, carrying capacity and lifting range of the dock leveler can be customized according to requirements. Before purchasing, customers can consult a professional manufacturer to provide information such as platform height, compartment size, cargo weight, etc., for foundation pit design. Then, reserve the foundation pit according to the drawings provided, and finally carry out procurement and installation. So as to optimize the logistics process and improve work efficiency. CRRC has installed this product of SEPPES.

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