Elevate Industrial Safety and Efficiency with Automatic Sectional Doors

Industrial automatic sectional doors have redefined design in the realm of industrial access. Equipped with cutting-edge protection systems, these innovative doors offer a unique blend of safety and performance.

Automatic Sectional Doors

Elevating Safety and Performance

Dual Draft Protection System

To ensure unparalleled stability, these doors boast a dual draft protection system. Distributing wind resistance evenly during both upward and downward movements. This system guarantees safety and reliability in all conditions.

Multi-Point Lifting System

A multi-point lifting system is employed to effectively prevent sling breakage, ensuring the smooth operation of the door. This feature contributes to the door’s robust performance.

Anti-Breakage Device

Additionally, an anti-breakage device at the bottom of the door safeguards against accidental drops, providing an extra layer of security.

Automatic Sectional Doors

Meeting Excellence Standards

Standard Lifting Method

When the headspace above the door measures approximately 500cm. The standard lifting method is the preferred choice. This configuration guarantees that the door’s performance aligns with industry standards. The headspace must exceed 500 cm or match the opening height of the door to fulfill this requirement. For cases where vertical lifting is employed, the top space should equal or exceed the door’s opening height. This simplifies future repair and maintenance tasks. In instances where the overall structure or top space is limited, the sloped roof lifting method is typically employed. This method involves installing tracks along the ceiling slope, maintaining a balanced relationship between the tracks and the top grid to ensure the door’s superior performance.

Versatility Across Industries

Industrial sectional doors find applications in various settings, making them ideal for large workshops, warehousing and logistics, chemical industry facilities, electronics plants, textiles, and exhibition halls.

These doors can be customized to fit extra-wide or extra-tall door openings, seamlessly integrating into architectural designs. This approach optimizes space utilization and eliminates wastage, offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency for different industries.

In conclusion, industrial automatic sectional doors embody advanced safety features, and comply with excellence standards. And offer versatile applications across multiple fields, cementing their status as an integral part of modern industrial environments. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. chose SEPPES as their industrial door supplier.

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