Elevate Your Cold Storage Efficiency with Industrial Thermally Insulated Overhead Doors

In the past, cold storage faced issues like running cold, dust, and mosquitoes due to outdated technology. Today, advancements have led to the expansion and renovation of cold storage, especially at the exit points. Discover how a simple roller shutter door can be upgraded to an industrial thermally insulated overhead door. Paired with a door shelter and dock leveler for superior sealing, isolation, and insulation.

Overhead Doors

Enhanced Cold Storage Exits for Optimal Performance

The adoption of a overhead door with a door shelter and dock leveler at the cold storage exit effectively prevents alternating hot and cold air contact. This innovative solution safeguards against frost and condensation on the door panel. Enhancing cold storage efficiency and protecting stored items from temperature fluctuations.

Upgrading to Industrial Insulation Lifting Doors – A Comprehensive Overview

Door Panel Material

The door panel, crafted from double-layer color steel plates filled with high-density polyurethane foam (48kg/m3), ensures durability and insulation. With a total thickness of 4 cm, the panel withstands impact forces of ≥45kg/m. Providing a robust solution for cold storage environments.

Strong Sealing

Sealing is paramount for insulation, and the sectional door features rubber strips on the bottom, top, and sides. Achieving an airtightness rating of ≤2.5m3/h (about 50Pa pressure), it effectively prevents dust infiltration and maintains the desired temperature within the cold storage.

Customizable Windows and Small Doors

Each set of sectional overhead doors can be customized with double-layer broken bridge PC board windows (600X300) and small doors (800X2100), providing convenience for observation and quick personnel entry and exit.

High Safety Performance

Equipped with safety features such as torsion spring anti-breakage, wire rope anti-fall, end buffer, airbag, anti-collision pillar, and infrared photoelectric devices, these doors ensure a safe and stable operation.

Overhead Doors

Key Features of Modern Industrial overhead Doors

In addition to industrial sectional overhead doors, various options like thermal insulation fast doors, double-axis thermal insulation fast doors, zipper fast doors, and hard fast doors cater to different temperature requirements in cold storage locations.

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