Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with Top-notch Industrial Dock Shelters for Various Sectors

Industrial dock shelters find extensive use in sectors such as food, medicine, chemicals, textiles, electronics, rubber, automobiles, supermarkets, refrigeration, and logistics. These essential components seamlessly seal the space between vehicles and warehouses, boasting rainproof, windproof, and dustproof properties that enhance energy efficiency and work productivity.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Inflatable Dock Shelters: Swift Inflation, Lasting Resilience

Fast Inflation:

The blower swiftly inflates upon vehicle parking, closing the gap between the vehicle and the dock rapidly.

Door Curtain Material:

Polyester fiber fabric with double-sided PVC coating ensures high toughness and durability.

High-frequency Welding Technology:

The airbag, utilizing high-frequency welding, maintains elasticity against harsh weather conditions.

Sponge Dock Shelter

Sponge Dock Shelters: Advanced Sealing and Energy Conservation

Pressure-treated Steel Base:

Featuring wear-resistant polyethylene fiber mesh and high-performance polyurethane sponge filler for optimal sealing.

Moisture Elimination:

Holes at the bottom consume air and eliminate moisture, while a yellow guide strip assists truck parking.

Adjustable Sponge Seal:

Allows effective gap closure, reducing air convection, minimizing temperature loss, and achieving energy savings.

Mechanical Dock Shelter

Mechanical Dock Shelter: Complete Sealing and Independent System

Excellent Sealing:

Mechanically seals the loading area, ensuring energy conservation and timely installations.

Air Flow Prevention:

Positioned outside the building to prevent air flow hedging and maintain optimal temperatures.

Independent System:

Comprising fixed dock levelers, dock shelters, and sectional doors, providing a holistic solution for efficient warehouse operations.

Transformative Inflatable Dock Shelter: Rapid Sealing Solutions

In industries spanning food, medicine, chemicals, and more, inflatable dock shelters emerge as game-changers, boasting swift inflation and high-frequency welding technology. Discover how they efficiently seal spaces, enhancing rainproof, windproof, and dustproof attributes.

Sponge Dock Shelter: Optimal Sealing with Adjustable Features

Explore the innovation in sponge dock shelter, featuring pressure-treated steel, wear-resistant polyethylene fiber mesh, and adjustable sponge seals. Learn how these advanced shelters effectively eliminate moisture, guide trucks, and contribute to energy-saving solutions.

Mechanical Dock Shelter: Unparalleled Sealing and Energy Efficiency

Delve into the excellence of mechanical dock shelters, ensuring complete sealing of loading areas and preventing air flow hedging. Learn how this independent system, comprising fixed dock levelers, dock shelters, and sectional doors, saves energy and optimizes warehouse operations.

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