Installing an Industrial Sectional Steel Door: Key Points and Accessories

Before embarking on the installation of an industrial sectional steel door, it’s imperative to follow a series of crucial steps to guarantee correct sizing and precise fittings. This comprehensive article highlights the installation process for export industrial lifting doors and introduces four essential accessories used in these installations.

Sectional Steel Door

Key Installation Points:

Dimension Verification: The first step is to verify that the lift door’s dimensions align with the original design. This involves not only checking the size of the door body but also accurately determining the position of the guide rails.

Flat Guide Rails: During installation, ensure that the track planes on both sides of the door remain level. If the rails exhibit unevenness due to irregular walls, it’s essential to smoothen the rail backs before installation.

Door Panel Assembly: The industrial lifting door’s body is constructed from multiple interconnected door panels. Assembling these door panels necessitates the use of several crucial accessories.

Introduction of Accessories:

Center Hinge:

Typically situated between the two door panels of the industrial lifting door, the center hinge serves to connect these panels. Crafted from hot-dip galvanized sheet stamping, it boasts a shiny, rust-resistant surface, ensuring robust durability.


These components are primarily affixed to both sides of the industrial lifting door’s panels, facilitating seamless door body movement during opening and closing. Equipped with bearing structures and coated with nylon material, they deliver excellent elasticity and operate quietly.

Side Hinges:

Similar to center hinges, side hinges are installed on both sides of the door panels but are engineered for increased strength and durability. Fabricated from hot-dip galvanized sheet stamping, they feature corrosion-resistant surfaces and outstanding longevity.

Button Spring Anti-Breaking Device:

This accessory plays a pivotal role in export industrial lifting doors, ensuring door body stability and safety.

Sectional Steel Door

Ensuring the correct installation of an industrial sectional steel door involves meticulously examining dimensions. Maintaining level guide rails, and properly attaching these critical accessories. The selection and installation of these key points and accessories are paramount for the optimal functionality and performance of industrial lift doors. ABB Co., Ltd., a Fortune 500 company, chooses SEPPES as their industrial door supplier.

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