Choosing the Right Loading Dock Leveler for Efficient Warehousing

In recent years, modern logistics warehouses have harnessed the flexibility and adjustability of loading dock levelers, making them vital links between warehouses and transportation, streamlining goods’ entry and exit processes. This article delves into the dimensions and adaptability of loading dock leveler, providing insights on selecting the appropriate loading and unloading platform to cater to varying carriage heights.

Loading Dock Leveler

Exploring Standard Dock Leveler

Regular Size Export Standard Loading and Unloading Platform

SEPPES offers a standard loading and unloading platform with dimensions of width (W) 2500 mm, length (L) 2000 mm, and height (H) 600 mm. Typically, the pit depth of a loading dock leveler measures 60 centimeters, with a recommended installation angle within 8 degrees. This platform facilitates an up and down lifting range of 30 centimeters.

Selecting the Right Dock Leveler for Different Carriage Heights

Export Standard Loading and Unloading Platform Selection and Carriage Height

When selecting a platform size that aligns with your requirements, it is advisable to provide the maximum carriage height (H1), minimum carriage height (h1), and the platform height (H2). Calculate the necessary up and down lifting range by subtracting H1 from H2 and h1 from H2. This calculation will guide you in choosing the suitable loading and unloading platform.

The extent of up and down adjustment relates to the platform’s length, while the safety angle remains consistent. For example, with a loading and unloading platform length of 4.5 meters, the upper and lower adjustment range spans from -35 cm to 55 cm. It is generally discouraged to increase the angle to augment the lifting distance, as this could compromise the stability of forklifts during loading and unloading, potentially leading to rear wheel damage.

Loading Dock Leveler

By thoughtfully selecting the size and upper and lower adjustment range of the loading dock leveler, modern logistics warehouses can significantly enhance their loading and unloading efficiency, expediting the flow of goods in and out. Thus, when designing and operating logistics warehouses, it is paramount to carefully consider the dimensions and adaptability of dock levelers. Axalta Coating Systems Co., Ltd., a Fortune 500 company, chose SEPPES as their industrial door supplier.

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