Mastering Efficiency: A Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Optimizing Automatic Sectional Doors

Automatic sectional doors are a cornerstone of industrial efficiency, providing seamless access while optimizing security. In this guide, we delve into the step-by-step installation process, ensuring optimal functionality for your industrial sliding door system.

Automatic Sectional Doors

Automatic Sectional Doors Assembly Steps

Setting the Foundation: Installing the Door Leaf

Begin the installation by elevating the industrial sectional door leaf, ensuring a vertical position, and adjusting it to the required size. Precise placement is crucial to minimize resistance and prevent potential damage to the door shafts.

Precision Spot Welding: Aligning Door Shafts and Embedded Parts

Spot weld the upper and lower door shafts to the embedded parts of the opening and door leaf sills. This guarantees alignment along the same vertical line, reducing resistance on the door leaf switch and preventing damage to the door shafts.

Empowering Automation: Electric Door Opener Installation

Place the industrial sectional door opener in the optimal position and connect its rod to the industrial sectional overhead door leaf. Install the electric bolt on the side sill, ensuring proper adjustment for effective locking after each door leaf cycle.

Sealing the Deal: Adjusting Seams and Sealing Strips

Tailor the middle seam and surrounding sealing strips of the door leaf to meet industrial sliding door size requirements. This adjustment ensures the sealing strips effectively close the gap when the door leaf is shut.

Safeguarding Control: Installation of Electrical Control Box

Position the industrial door‘s electrical control box indoors for convenient maintenance. Adhere to electrical installation regulations when placing door openers and electric plugs. Additionally, connect protective ground wires to prioritize equipment and personal safety.

Systematic Inspection and Debugging: Finalizing the Installation

Thoroughly inspect all components, ensuring they meet requirements. Power on the system, press the control button, and adjust the travel switch until the door leaf halts at the correct position.

Automatic Sectional Doors

Optimizing Performance: Fine-Tuning and Limit Adjustments

Adjusting the Limit

Begin by pressing the open button on the industrial door control box and observing the rotation direction of the red cam on the limit component. Manually press the red cam against the white switch on the limit switch, tighten the stop screw, and repeat for both red cams until the upper and lower limits are accurately set. Fine-tune the limit cam as needed for precise positioning.

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