Overhead Sectional Door Can Prevent Warehouse Logistics Loading Dock Accidents

Warehouse logistics loading docks can be dangerous places.. In fact, 25% of all workplace accidents occur in and around loading docks, and there are hundreds of near misses. However, most of these accidents can be avoided if facility managers take the proper precautions to make these areas safer. Overhead Sectional Door features five safety protections – airbags, knob springs, rope fall arrests, end buffers, and safety photoelectrics – that can help prevent accidents from occurring during the logistics loading and unloading process.

overhead sectional door

What is Sectional Overhead Door?

Sectional overhead door is an important part of the logistic loading and unloading combination and has a perfect and professional protection system. The sectional overhead door is an external door for warehousing buildings, with 40 mm thick high-density polyurethane foam door panels that are both heat-insulating and impact-resistant. Industrial sectional doors are widely used in warehousing and logistics loading docks for their beautiful appearance, smooth opening and closing, low noise level, heat insulation, and high level of safety.

How Can Overhead Sectional Door Prevent Loading Dock Accidents?

Common causes of accidents at logistics loading docks include the sudden drop of industrial doors during transport, forklift trucks being caught in the door on the dock, and the design and safety devices of sectional overhead doors can prevent accidents by providing a wide range of protection during transport.

Most insulated sectional doors are only equipped with safety photoelectric protection, which is far from sufficient for accident prevention. As a way to increase safety and efficiency, the SEPPES sectional door has more than five types of safety protection, enabling staff to work safely and securely on the quay.

overhead sectional door

Comprehensive Safety Systems of Sectional Overhead Doors

Airbags for Immediate Response

Sectional roller door is equipped with an airbag switch at the bottom of the sectional overhead door, and the airbag is connected to the motor. If the industrial sectional doors touches a person or equipment during operation and closure, the airbag is able to sense and stop the descent immediately. And the sectional door will automatically reverse and become ascending. The airbag device can protect people or goods from being crushed or damaged.

Button Spring Breaker for Controlled Descent

Knob spring breakage prevention device is mainly located on the door shaft, when the torsion spring breaks accidentally, the snap part of this device will catch the pulley in the track and force the falling door body to stop within 20cm. It prevents the overhead sectional door from going out of control due to the breakage of the knob spring, and avoids the personnel injury or property loss caused by the free fall of the door body.

Wire Rope Fall Arrest Device

Located at the bottom ends of sectional roller door, the wire rope fall arrest device engages if the lifting rope breaks. It instantly cuts into the guide rail to stop the door’s fall, preventing accidents and ensuring safety during operation. This device is automatically activated when the sectional overhead door malfunctions or loses support, providing a guarantee of safe working for the staff.

End Buffer for Smooth Operation

The buffer device is installed at the top of the track to prevent the motor from malfunctioning as the door rises and rushes over the track, playing the role of buffer when going up and boosting when going down. When sectional door reaches the end position of closing or opening. The buffer device can slow down the speed of the door body and prevent the door body from collision damage caused by rapid movement.

Safety Photoelectric Protection

Infrared photoelectric sensors on both sides of the door ensure safe passage for people and vehicles. If an object triggers the sensors, the door stops, preventing accidents. Be careful not to place objects within the sensing range of the safety photoelectricity for a long time.

Anti-Prying and Anti-Trap Devices

Sectional overhead doors include anti-prying devices that prevent unauthorized access, even during power failures. The anti-trap structure ensures that door panels fit seamlessly, eliminating the risk of finger injuries during operation.

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Commercial Sectional Doors Keep Your Facility Safe and Efficient

Loading docks are high-traffic areas that depend on safe working conditions for operational efficiency. Truck restraints can prevent loading dock accidents by keeping workers, facility equipment and cargo safe during loading procedures.The long-term logistical benefits of installing a sectional door far outweigh the initial investment and certainly outweigh the financial and emotional burden associated with an employee accident or injury.

Why Choose SEPPES for Your Overhead Sectional Door?

At SEPPES, we prioritize preventative maintenance and customized solutions. Our team conducts thorough facility inspections, providing tailored recommendations to address unique challenges. We offer free consultations to help you select the best sectional garage doors for your facility, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Book a free consultation with a SEPPES professional today.

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