Segmented Garage Doors VS Single Panel Garage Door

Garage doors are the first line of defense at the main entrance and exit of your house, providing you with a secure place to park. Garage doors become especially important when it comes to inclement weather and intruders. Likewise, sectional garage doors can increase your home’s value by enhancing curb appeal.

Two of the most popular garage door options include segmented garage doors and single panel garage doors. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so you should determine the best option for you based on your needs and desires. Learn more about both types of garage doors so you can make a confident decision.


  • What are Segmented Garage Doors
  • What are Single Panel Garage Doors
  • Single Panel vs. Segmented Garage Doors : How They Differ
  • Pros and Cons of Sectional Garage Doors
  • Pros and Cons of Single Panel Garage Doors
  • Should You Install A Single Panel Or Segmented Garage Door

What are Segmented Garage Doors

Segmented garage doors, also called “sectional overhead garage doors”, consist of horizontal panels connected by hinges. A complete operating system is formed by balancing the tension of the knob springs, sliding the pulleys and sliding the tracks, and motorized control by a variable frequency intelligent control system. With the help of the hinged panels, the sectional garage door can cross the curve of the track and can thus be opened and closed.

Insulated sectional doors use torsion springs and cables during opening and closing. These components make the sectional door easier to open and close by hand or with an automatic door opener. Many homeowners today choose sectional garage for their homes. This popularity has made sectional garage doors more common than single panel garage doors. You can tell a sectional garage door from other styles by the tiny gaps between the panels. As the door moves past the curve in the track, you can see that the sections are separated through the use of hinges.

What are Single Panel Garage Doors

Single panel garage doors are a traditional type of garage door that usually consists of a single large panel that lifts up and slides along the garage ceiling as a whole to open or close. Unlike sectional garage doors, single-panel garage doors are not divided into sections, but instead consist of a single panel. Single-panel garage doors are typically simpler to install and maintain than sectional garage doors because they do not have complex operating systems or multiple moving parts. However, the way they open can take up space inside the garage, as the door panel needs enough room to fully lift and slide above the garage ceiling.

This type of garage door was very common in the past, but sectional garage doors are gradually replacing single-panel garage doors as technology advances and market demands change. However, some homes still favor single panel garage doors because of their simplicity, sturdiness, and affordability.

Overall, single-panel garage doors are a traditional but reliable option, especially for homes that are looking for something simple, affordable and easy to maintain.

Single Panel vs. Segmented Garage Doors : How They Differ

Single panel garage doors and sectional overhead garage door have distinct differences in structure and function:


Single Panel Garage Door: a single panel garage door consists of a single panel that lifts and slides upwards as a whole above the garage ceiling to open or close.

Sectional Garage Doors: A multi-panel garage door consists of a number of segmented panels that are hinged together, with each panel moving independently, and can be lifted up and slid along the rails to open or close.

Mode of Operation

Single-panel garage door: usually operated manually or by simple mechanical opening, such as manual pull or rotary opening. Single panel garage doors remain straight and slide at an upward angle to the top of the garage.

Segmented garage doors: usually equipped with a motorized opening system that can be operated by remote control or push button. A variety of smart opening options are also available for remote control and automation features. Allow sectional garage doors to bend along the track using hinged panels so that the garage door is parallel to the garage roof.

Space Utilization

Veneer Garage Doors: more vertical space is needed inside the garage as the veneer panels need enough space to fully lift and slide above the garage ceiling.

Multi-panel sectional garage doors: each sectional panel can be moved independently, so they take up relatively little space when opened or closed, making them more suitable for garages with limited space.


Single-panel garage doors: may be relatively low in security because there are no complex moving parts or motorized systems.

Multi-panel sectional garage doors: are often equipped with safety features such as crash sensors and fall protection that can provide a higher level of security.

segmented garage doors

Pros and Cons of Sectional Garage Doors

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Sectional garage door has excellent heat preservation performance. The door adopts double-layer color steel plate filled with polyurethane heat preservation foam in the middle, both sides of the door panel and the top are sealed with EPDM rubber strips plus U-shaped bottom pocket design. The door can effectively isolate the influence of outside temperature on the interior of the home, to ensure that the temperature inside the garage is stable, providing a good environment for car preservation. Especially in winter, the thermal insulation lifting door can significantly reduce heat loss, reduce heating costs, and realize the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

Durability and Anti-Theft Features

In terms of anti-theft, commercial sectional garage doors also perform well. Its door panel is made of sturdy color steel plate, which has a solid structure and can withstand certain external impact. At the same time, the door body is also equipped with advanced anti-theft locks, which can effectively resist the impact of external forces and effectively protect the property and equipment in the garage.

Convenience and Longevity

In addition, panel lift garage doors also have convenient operation and good durability. The door body adopts electric lifting design, which is simple and convenient to operate, and can be opened and closed quickly. At the same time, the door body material has been treated with special weather-resistant treatment, which has excellent corrosion and aging resistance, and can be used well for a long time.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Sectional Garage Doors

Considering these advantages of sectional garage doors, you should consider the following factors before making a decision:

  • Frequent Maintenance: Sectional doors entail regular upkeep of moving parts like torsion springs and hinges to ensure smooth operation.
  • High Cost: Consider the initial investment required for purchasing and installing sectional garage doors.
  • Installation Complexity: Professional installation is recommended due to the complexity of sectional door mechanisms.

Pros and Cons of Single Panel Garage Doors

You can enjoy the following benefits of a single panel garage door for your home:

Simplicity and Affordability

The door has a simple design that makes it very easy to install and operate. You can spend more time enjoying your new garage door rather than on installation, maintenance and repairs.

Customization and Versatility

Available in various colors and styles, single panel doors offer customization options to match home aesthetics.

Space Consumption

Single panel doors may occupy space within the garage during operation, limiting interior space utilization.

Operational Limitations

Single panel garage doors consist of one piece of material that can be customized in a variety of colors and styles. There are coffee, caramel, and black walnut colors to choose from.

Pros and Cons of Single Panel Garage Doors

  • Takes up space: veneer garage doors require sufficient vertical space when opened, which may limit the use of space inside the garage, especially for garages with low ceilings.
  • Not suitable for large openings: Due to the limitations of the veneer, for large garage openings, a veneer garage door may not be able to meet the opening height requirements.
  • Operational Limitations: Manual operation is often required and can be cumbersome compared to motorized sectional garage doors.
segmented garage doors

Should You Install A Single Panel Or Segmented Garage Door

When choosing a garage door, you need to make sure you make the right decision for your home. Considering the following factors can help you analyze your situation and see which option best suits your needs:


The amount of space in your garage can determine which type of garage door you choose. If you lack space, you may need to install sectional garage doors. If you have extra space, you have more options.


Garage doors can wear out badly and require proper maintenance to keep them working properly for years to come. Sectional garage doors are more complicated to maintain than single panel garage doors. When making your decision, consider your ability to self-maintain your garage door. Remember, professional garage door technicians are always available to help you with preventive maintenance.

Ease of Installation

If you prefer to renovate your home yourself, you may decide that you need a single-panel garage door for ease of installation. We recommend professional installation of any garage door you choose. Keep in mind that your professional installer will need to devote more time to the sectional garage door project.


Your budget will be another important deciding factor in the type of garage door you choose. A large budget can make room for a more expensive sectional garage door. If you need to keep the price of your garage door project to a minimum, you may want to choose a single panel garage door. Also keep in mind your long-term budget when it comes to replacement, repair and maintenance.

Both sectional garage doors and single panel garage doors are great options when considering a garage door purchase. Sectional garage doors offer advanced technology and convenient features, such as sectional designs and remote-controlled opening and closing, to provide a more advanced parking experience and security. Veneer garage doors, on the other hand, are a traditional and reliable choice, offering simplicity, sturdiness, and affordability for homes that favor traditional styles. Whichever type of garage door you choose, you can bring convenience, safety and beauty to your home.

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