Sponge dock shelters that saves energy and improves the working environment.

In the modern logistics industry, the role of dock shelter cannot be underestimated. The sponge dock shelters with export qualification can reduce energy consumption and improve the working environment. Compared with the traditional wooden liner. This dock shelter adopts a thin design of plated steel liner. Which has excellent durability and has become an irreplaceable choice.

The use of dock shelter may reduce the width of the door opening of the cargo bed. Sometimes affecting the smooth movement of pallets in and out of the truck, especially when the truck has a protruding deck at the rear. Therefore, we recommend not using door seals where the dock leveler is wider than 2.8m or higher than 3.0m.

In order to meet the needs of different truck heights, we offer a variety of top designs to choose from. Including fixed, adjustable and curtain.

sponge dock shelter

The following is the specific method:

The inner space width of the gasket of the dock shelter is designed to be 2.2-2.3 meters to fit most trucks. For dock shelters wider than 2.3m we recommend the use of beveled gaskets to ensure a proper closure.

The bottom edge of the upper gasket of the door seal should be at least 8 cm below the rear top of the truck. In addition, the upper gasket of the sponge dock shelter can be adjusted up and down according to the height of the truck. Where the dock leveler is tall and the van height range is very wide. We recommend the use of a fixed drape to form a canopy dock shelter instead of the upper gasket.

When choosing a sponge dock shelter, pay attention to the following points

The pressure generated by the gasket against the wall is about 120 kilograms per meter, and that of the beveled gasket is about half that.

There must be a gap of at least 10 cm between the building wall and the anti-collision rubber plane to ensure that the sponge-type dock shelter with export qualification has sufficient thickness after extrusion.

The thickness of the gasket should be 10 to 20 cm higher than the plane of the anti-collision rubber. Generally speaking, the thickness of 15 cm higher is the most suitable.

The new sponge dock shelter with export qualification can not only save energy for you, but also improve your working environment. In addition, we also provide a variety of designs to meet customers with different needs. Choose our dock shelter, you will get a more convenient, efficient and reliable logistics experience! Johnson & Johnson Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. chose this product

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