Unveiling the Power of Industrial Internal Steel Doors with Protective Airbag Systems

Enhance workplace safety and operational efficiency with industrial internal steel doors featuring cutting-edge protective airbag systems. Discover the advanced technology and crucial role of protective airbags in preventing accidents during door operation.

industrial internal steel doors

The Critical Role of Industrial Internal Steel Doors Protective Airbags

Understanding how protective airbags serve as indispensable safety devices for industrial sectional doors.

Unveiling the mechanism behind industrial sectional door airbags and their pivotal role in ensuring safety.

Components and Operation:

Exploring the components and seamless operation of the Industrial Door Protective Airbag System.

Transmitting End Device:

The transmitting end device, equipped with an air pressure switch and transmitting circuit, plays a key role in triggering the protective airbag.

Receiving End Device:

Delving into the processor, receiving circuit, alarm, and industrial internal steel doors drive module, all seamlessly connected for efficient wireless communication.

Enhanced Protection withAirbag Technology:

Discover how the protective airbag, strategically placed at the bottom, significantly enhances accident prevention and ensures smoother operation of industrial sliding doors.

industrial internal steel doors

Collaborative Safety Measures:

Examining the synergy between the Industrial Door Protective Airbag System and infrared technology for comprehensive collision protection.

Working Process of the Protective Airbag:

Unraveling the step-by-step working process of the protective airbag system when encountering obstacles during the door descent.

Immediate Response to Obstacles:

Detailing how the system halts the door descent, runs in reverse, and safely stops at the opening position upon detecting obstacles, showcasing its paramount role in preventing accidents.


Highlighting the crucial connection between protective airbag systems and everyday safety concerns, emphasizing their role in averting accidents caused by negligence or improper operation.

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