What types of Loading dock levelers are there?

Loading dock levelers are an essential piece of equipment for logistics warehouses, unloading docks and warehousing centers. It builds a bridge between trucks and warehouse platforms, providing a convenient passage for forklifts and other trucks to drive directly into the truck for batch loading and unloading. Cargo operations.

Loading dock levelers

Loading dock leveler requirements for different occasions

Different workplaces have different needs for loading and unloading platforms. Let’s take a closer look at what types of loading and unloading platforms there are and what situations they are suitable for.

  • Foundation pit fixed dock leveler

The foundation pit dock leveler is realized by digging a foundation pit on the table and placing the equipment into the foundation pit. According to the use function, area and characteristics. There are three types: flip type, telescopic type and vertical type.

Flip-type dock leveler: It is suitable for most logistics warehouses. Its front lip can be folded up and down for flexible operation.

Telescopic and vertical dock levelers: For low-temperature cold storage, sealed and clean areas with high temperature environment requirements. Such as cold chain cold storage, food cold storage and medical cold storage.

Loading dock levelers
  • Scissor lift dock leveler

The scissor lift platform digs a foundation pit in the ground where the truck is located and places the equipment into it. Its structure is stable, its carrying capacity is large, and its lifting and lowering are stable. Ensuring efficient unloading of goods.

Loading dock levelers
  • No-pit edge-type dock leveler

The pitless edge loading and unloading platform is a manual loading and unloading platform. Suitable for situations where there is no foundation pit. It has a small load-bearing weight and is suitable for places where the distance between the warehouse platform and the carriage is short and fixed. Its load-bearing weight does not exceed 3 tons, and the upper and lower adjustment distance is within 10 centimeters.

Loading dock levelers

Mobile dock leveler

The mobile loading and unloading platform is suitable for logistics companies that load and unload large quantities of goods but do not have a platform in the warehouse. Through the mobile loading and unloading platform, forklifts can easily enter the interior to load and unload goods.

Loading dock levelers

By understanding these different types of loading dock levelers. You can better choose the equipment that suits your needs, improve logistics efficiency, and make your warehousing operations smoother. China Post Group Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, chose SEPPES as their dock leveler supplier.

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