How to choose a high quality track dock leveler?

Track dock leveler plays a key role in modern logistics. In order to adapt to trucks of different specifications, cargo of different tonnages and platforms of different heights, the choice of dock leveler is particularly important. However, many customers are confused about how to choose a platform that suits their needs.

track dock leveler

Efficient and convenient selection guide for warehouse loading and unloading platforms.

  1. Type selection: diversification to meet needs

There are three types of track dock levelers fixed on the platform: flap type, telescopic type and vertical type. The flap-type dock leveler is suitable for most warehouses. And their outer sides will be exposed, which is convenient for daily loading and unloading operations. The telescopic and vertical dock levelers are mainly used in cold chain cold storage, medicine and food industries, and have excellent sealing and heat preservation performance when in contact with the external environment.

2. Determine the lifting range: ensure applicability

Before selecting the track dock leveler. It is necessary to accurately count the height of the platform and the height of the carriage. And make calculations to ensure that the selected platform can meet the vertical adjustment range of normal loading and unloading operations. Only a suitable lifting range can ensure the efficient operation of the dock leveler.

3. Load heavy star confirmation: stable load-bearing guarantee

Calculate the total weight of the forklift and cargo, and choose the carrying weight based on the result. It is important to ensure that the carrying capacity of the platform is greater than the weight of the cargo. A stable load-bearing capacity is the key to the safe operation of the track dock leveler. Big is better than small.

4. Maintenance service situation: brand protection choice

Choose a brand manufacturer that has a national after-sales service network and is closer to you. So that you can perform maintenance more conveniently during use. The maintenance service of the brand manufacturer can ensure the long-term stable operation of the platform. So that you can use it more at ease.

In addition to the above four points, customers also need to pay attention to the hydraulic system of the platform, safety protection devices, and the thickness of steel specifications. Choose a dock leveler produced by a brand manufacturer to ensure that the quality of use is guaranteed. So that you can feel more at ease during use.

track dock leveler

In conclusion

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a clearer understanding of choosing a suitable track dock leveler. A reasonable choice will bring you an efficient and convenient loading and unloading experience, optimize the efficiency of warehousing and logistics, and achieve greater commercial value. Such products installed by BNBM Co., Ltd.

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